Welcome to Arts Passport

ARTS PASSPORT is a Rhode Island (USA) arts education web site offered by the RI Arts Learning Network in partnership with RI State Council on the Arts. Its purpose is to welcome RI high school students as members of the State's vibrant professional arts & cultural audience. Free tickets are donated by leading arts organizations & museums in Rhode Island, so that students may develop audience experience as part of their work to meet the state standards in the arts for high school graduation.  Arts Passport can be offered to students through high school academic and after school programs.  Arts Passport also is available to home-schooled students and non profit community organizations serving youth development missions.

ARTS PASSPORT offers three types of resources:

  • Free admission for Rhode Island high school students to arts events and exhibitions offered by RI's leading cultural organizations
  • The Student Task Library of creative and academic standards based projects to do after using Arts Passport 
  • The new VIP-Honors Program which offers "Very Independent Passport" students the following options for use:
    • use the on-line VIP-Honors Course/learning plan with their school-based teacher
    • apply for participation in the Enrolled VIP-Honors Program with our Arts Passport advisor
    • apply for membership in the Arts Passport Society for extracurricular & enrichment use